›› Life at LAW CENTRE II

Well, there is a lot more to Law Centre II, apart from having one of the best faculty and atmosphere for pursuing legal study. Numerous activities are present that compliment the academic pursuits and provide opportunities for students to grow and develop new interest and lifelong hobbies.

Naturally, the demographics vary drastically as compared to the other Centres of the Faculty of Law. As the classes are held in evening, one may find some professionals also pursuing law from this Centre for the advancement of their career.

The diverse spectrum of opportunities at the Centre keep the students busy and offer a wide platform for learning and exploring their interest. The campus has got good sports facility including a football ground and badminton courts. The students enjoy the canteen within the campus providing snacks and refreshment prepared in a hygienic condition. One can find a very lively atmosphere at the campus. Law Centre II has its separate library for law students and quite frankly, it has a wide collection of books, manuals, journals and a number of e-resources are available. The life at Law Centre II is fairly vibrant, with the events and activities etc.

The extremely cohesive culture together with enthusiasm, creativity and exuberance of the young and experienced minds of the country offer an environment for learning, enjoyment and curricular activities. Campus life at Law Centre II is fast paced and fun with opportunities awaiting you at every turn.