Best ceiling fan under 2000 in India

Are you tired of looking for the “best ceiling fan under 2000 in India? Looking for a ceiling fan under 2000 in the summertime is tough. So, take a break and think calmly. Just concentrate on your budget and your requirements. The Indian ceiling fan market is huge, and one can find the desired product if some time is spent comparing what is required and what is available in the market?

Requirements of a good ceiling fan:

  • RPM: RPM refers to revolutions per minute. In short, it is the number of turns taken by the fan in one minute. RPM is supposed to be a unit that depicts the frequency of a rotation and rotational speed. A fan of 1200 mm runs at 300/350 RPM in a normal ceiling fan and RPM of 380/390 in the case of high-speed fans.
  • Power consumption: Normally, the power consumed by the ceiling fans ranges between 20 watts to 110 watts. Sometimes, in the case of existing old fans, the power consumption will be more when compared to new ones.
  • Weight of the appliance: The lighter the weight of the ceiling fan, the higher the fan’s cost. Normally, the whole body of the fan is either made of aluminium or metal (cast iron). A ceiling fan made of aluminium is light weighted, and a ceiling fan made with cast iron is heavier.
  • Easy installation: Installation is a process that has to be done perfectly. If the fan is not installed properly, there are chances of it falling. So, a ceiling fan should be easily installed.

Availability of the ceiling fans in the Indian Market:

There are many brands manufacturing ceiling fans, and many of them care priced less than Rs. 2000. The ceiling fans are manufactured keeping the common man’s budget and requirement. The ceiling fans come in white, brown, black, blue, bronze, green, silver, grey, red, chrome and iron, etc. However, the choice of colour sometimes may increase the cost of the ceiling fan. The ceiling fans under 2000 come with 3 blades and specified RPM. The ceiling fan size available at this rate is 1200mm, and the available brands are Bajaj, Crompton, Orient, etc.

Best way of comparison of the cost:

There are two ways of comparing the cost of the required product- either visit the store or outlet and check the quality and prices personally or browse the internet for the details. Visiting the store may sometimes be tiring as ‘n’ number of stores have to be visited to get the right product. Since everything is done online today, browsing the internet is the best option. The buyer can get better options and that too in less period. When product details are derived, comparing the brands will be easy. Since e-commerce platforms encourage an infinite number of sellers, the buyer will have a better opportunity to view the prices and make an appropriate decision.

Conclusion:  The product’s price depends on the quality and exclusive features of the product. If the individual wants to enjoy both quality and exclusive features of the product, the individual has to compromise the price. If the budget is fixed and the individual cannot afford more, he/she has to forego some features and comprise on the quality of the product.

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