Stainless Steel Dustbin Vs Plastic: Which Is Better?

No matter, whether you need a dustbin for your household or office, there are certain things that one must keep in mind while buying one. Before getting to the point of which dustbin type is better, plastic or stainless steel, let’s understand both of them in detail.

Plastic dustbin

The times have changed. In the case of our organic waste, plastic containers have evolved into a more accessible, cleaner, and more content tolerant material throughout time.

Stainless steel dustbin

One of the most significant advantages of stainless steel dustbin is that it is significantly more sanitary than its plastic equivalent. It is simple to clean, and odors have a far more difficult time permeating the surface of the material. Automatically, your work area will have a fresher feel to it, and this will result in a more pleasant working environment.

Pros of Plastic Bin

  • Bins constructed of injection-molded plastic are extremely adaptable, may double as storage tanks for liquids, and are extremely strong, with a load capacity of approximately 4,000 pounds per container. When they are being tilted for transport to the vehicle and then placed back in place, they are quiet.
  • As a result of its lighter weight and ease of movement, plastic bins never rust or decompose, and graffiti can be quickly removed using non-toxic solutions, reducing the need to paint and re-paint bins. The color is infused throughout the body, rather than merely on the top like steel.
  • In most cases, plastic trash cans are durable and ready to handle impact and injury.
  • Plastic containers, on the other hand, have the propensity to be quite small.
  • Heavy-duty plastic trash containers can be placed in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the garden.
  • The plastic garbage cans are lightweight, portable, and simple to clean.
  • Plastic garbage cans provide a pleasing visual appearance.

Cons of Plastic Bin

  • Plastic degrades after some time and becomes vulnerable to scratches, markings, and splits as a result.
  • When a plastic garbage canister is loaded with large rubbish, it may become unbalanced and snap shut.
  • Plastic is a reactive substance that can attract bad odors if not handled properly.
  • Plastic trash cans are non-recyclable and must be replaced more frequently than stainless steel trash cans.

Pros of Stainless steel Bin

  • Stainless steel dustbins are extremely durable.
  • They can withstand the weight.
  • They do not acquire any type of bad odor after being used.
  • These garbage cans are recyclable.

Cons of Stainless steel dustbin

  • Rust is a common problem with Stainless steel dustbins.
  • Stainless steel garbage cans are inconvenient to use.

Now when you are aware of the pros and cons of both stainless steel and plastic dustbin types, make sure you get your hands on the best one after keeping the above-mentioned points in mind.

When purchasing a dustbin for a household or office, keep in mind to filter your choices based on the aspects listed above and come to a fair decision. A large number of dealers sell various types of plastic dustbins and stainless steel bins, so better purchase the best one.

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