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  • Where we believe that even the best is not perfect we strive to achieve 'Our Vision 2019'

Our Centre is situated away from the main Faculty of Law campus and it faces multiple infrastructural challenges. Though we are entitled to avail all the facilities available at the main faculty campus, the time and the distance from South Campus, leaves us deprived of the amenities present at the faculty, viz. the library, the online legal database, the seminar rooms, auditoriums etc. The traffic woes and long distance further accentuates the problem and makes it difficult for the students to travel all the way to North Campus to avail these facilities. Therefore, constant efforts are being made to equip the Centre with certain basic amenities like a bigger library, online database, a bigger office, a Wi-Fi enabled campus etc. A good faculty imparting quality education and a comprehensive course curriculum along with a rich student repertoire certainly are the backbones of any educational institution but modern infrastructure is also quintessential in today's world. Achieving these short term goals would buttress our long term vision of making Law Centre-II, a truly world class centre for learning.

  • The Vision

›› To be the premiere educational institution imparting legal education providing a multi-faceted perception to its students for a significant contribution in the field of law.

›› To produce such Lawyers, Advocates, Judges, Jurists, Social-Workers, Administrators and Journalists who can act as catalyst in revolutionizing the legal fraternity and make noticeable contribution in the interest of nation.