What is the History of Vacuum Cleaners?

Every invention has a long journey; from ground level to upward.Like television, radio, computer, vacuum cleaners are changing with the times.But do you know how the first vacuum cleaner looked like? What features had in that? Are you ready to know the complete history of Cleaner from beginning to end? If yes, then let’s get started to know about vacuum cleaner past.

Manual Sweepers (Year-1860)

The first cleaner relied on brush and sponges rather than suction power. A manual cleaner or carpet sweeper was invented by Daniel Hess in 1860 for users to generate suction.

Whirlwind Sweeping Machine (Year-1868)

After that, a new model by McGaffeymade from wood had invented in 1868. This model is quite compact and lightweight at that time. In 1869, McGaffey receive his patent. The machine was given to the American Carpet Cleaning for $25 to sell and produce this model.

Push-Powered Carpet Sweeper (Year-1876)

This type of the cleaning machine was invented by Melvin Bissell for his wife to catch dust and dirt from his shop. Push-Powered Carpet Sweeper was famous by Grand Rapids name.

Motorized Cleaners (Year- 1899)

The Motorized Cleaner was first invented by John Thurman in 1899. But it was called a gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner. On October 3, 1899, he got his patent. One drawback is that it wasn’t portable. This machine had required a horse-drawn carriage to reach one place to another. Later, he offers services in St. Louis for door-to-door services. He used compressed air in his invention to kick dirt and dust off the floor.

Electric Carpet Sweeper (Year- 1900)

Electric Carpet Sweeper was a hi-tech innovation of Corinne Dufour of that time. This machine used wet sponges to catch up with dirt.

Electric Vacuum Cleaner (Year-1901)

Hubert Cecil Booth was a British engineer who invented a motorized vacuum cleaner. This electric machine by Booth took the form of a petrol-driven unit and large horse-drawn which was installed outside the apartment to clean by long hoses thoroughly. Booth was the one who used a tube to suck in filth. His invention was counted on the list of 50 great British Inventions. After that, this suction technology was later introduced by many Americans Inventors in their machines. But, early vacuum devices were smelly, noisy, bulky and not suitable for commercial use.

Portable Vacuum (Year-1905)

In 1905, the first portable vacuum cleaner was invented by Walter Griffiths. The machines had been equipped with flexible pipes and had a variety of nozzles. The mix of pipe and nozzles allow you to clean every nook of the home. Even, the parts of machines are interchangeable. It was used a bellows-like machine to eliminate dirt.

Kirby Vacuums (Year-1906)

Jim Kirby invented his first vacuum cleaner in 1906 which used to distinguish dust and dirt. The same year was also dedicated to HermansBogenschild getting a patent for his dust removing apparatus. In his machine, the motor has connected to the filtration system and hose.

Portable Electric Suction Cleaner (Year-1908)

This cleaner was invented by James Murray Spangler for space cleaning. It was called one of the best vacuum cleaners.

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